Exploring Feelings & Emotions through Creativity

Posted on 21st July 2022

What to do in your class:

1. Invite children to take photos of each other making all sorts of emotional faces (try not to over direct the children - watch how IT savvy they are!)
2. Discuss the many faces captured by the children
3. Create a photo board - displaying the many emotions (black & white photos are always very striking and remember it is the emotions that you are capturing - not all of your children!)
4. Invite the children to use small loose parts to engage in temporary art - we used what was available in the garden plus a few other bits and pieces
5. Capture the temporary art wiith more photography
6. Leave the loose parts available to children so that they can revisit and extend the experience many times
7. Invite the children look again closely at their photos and do some representation drawing - try using black pen only in the first instance. Remember the role of the adult is to spend time looking at and discussing the many facial features before the children begin to draw. Adults should try to avoid drawing their version of faces!
8. Invite the children to work on a shared large sheet of paper - that way you are more inclined to focus on processes rather than end product

These are just some ideas for September if you are focusing on "All about me"!
No need for commercial posters here! ENJOY!

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