Outdoor Learning

Posted on 20th February 2019

With spring in the air, teachers and early years practitioners are beginning to think about getting outside more with the children.

My advice for planning the outdoor environment is to begin with your observations of the children.  Spend some time observing them interacting with their environment. This will help to inform your decisions about what you need to provide outdoors that will support children's learning and development. 

Some questions to consider:
- What are the children telling you they are good at?
- What do they need help with?
- Does the environment need any major adjustments?
- What resources and equipment are required? Think low cost / no cost.
- What do you need to do in order to support children's learning and development?
- What learning is taking place as a result of your efforts?

In St Clare's Abbey PS we used this approach.

We referred to 'Every Child a Mover' by Jan White, in order to inform our thinking and understanding of the importance of children's physical learning and development.

With the questions above we produced a simple plan, which totally focuses on what we need to do to support children's learning and development.


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