Early Years Training and Continuous Professional Development

Training & Support

Clare Devlin – Early Education Consultancy designs and delivers bespoke training for the following types of organisations:

  • Primary schools
  • Nursery schools
  • Pre-school settings
  • Day Care settings
  • Parent groups
  • SureStart projects
  • Health Trusts
  • Childcare Partnerships
  • Education and Library Boards
  • Colleges of further and higher education

Mentoring and Coaching

Mentoring and coaching sessions are available for individual teachers and early years practitioners on request. Practitioners avail of this service to develop planning systems, refine observation and assessment processes, redesign both indoor and outdoor environments. The service is tailored to meet the specific requirements of the individual.

This service is currently offered via Zoom and costs £70 per hour.

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Full Day and Half Day Training Programmes include:

Observation, Assessment & Planning

  • Learn how to observe what children are telling us through verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Reflect on the importance of really listening to young children in order to fully support learning
  • Learn to use a simple 3 stage process of observing, assessing and planning for children’s learning and development
  • Learn to observe and rate involvement levels (Ref: Leuven Involvement Scale, Professor Ferre Laevers Belgium).
  • Examine the correlation between involvement and children’s learning
  • Support practitioners in their consideration of how planning follows on from observation
  • Examine observation and planning formats
  • Consider documentation strategies that reflect observations and learning
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Learning through Investigative Play

  • Support teachers in their understanding of what is meant by Learning through Investigative Play
  • Plan for challenging and engaging experiences that will encourage children to think more creatively and critically as they play both indoors and outdoors
  • Ensure that ICT is used to support learning in meaningful ways
  • Ensure that there is clear progression in learning across the curriculum
  • Support teachers understanding of the link between observations and planning for learning
  • Support teachers with their use of evaluation to inform future planning for learning
  • Explore the difference between adult led and child led experiences
  • Examine curriculum led planning formats
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Learning Outdoors

  • Discuss benefits of Outdoor Learning – lead into policy
  • Explore how the outdoor environment supports all aspects of the curriculum
  • Plan for learning outdoors – linking to observations of children
  • Consider how low cost/no cost resources support learning
  • Examine the role of the adult
  • Discuss challenge, risk and safety
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Developing World Around Us & STEM through Play

  • Plan for progression in learning (Nursery to Key Stage One)
  • Examine the content of World Around US in Nursery, Foundation Stage and Key Stage One
  • Engage in practical experiences that encourage problem solving and creative and critical thinking
  • Make links to other areas of curriculum – planning for open-ended, creative opportunities that promote the development of physical skills, thinking skills, personal capabilities, numeracy and literacy
  • Evaluate learning
  • Consider how plenary sessions connect the learning
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Quality Interactions

  • Examine the role of the adult in supporting young children’s learning
  • Examine basic strategies that adults may use to enhance their interactions with children and enhance children’s learning
  • Explore how adults support and sustain shared thinking with children
  • Practical experiences to demonstrate quality interactions
  • Planning for interactions
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Self-Evaluation & Development Planning

  • Discuss what is meant by self-evaluation?
  • Consider Self Evaluation within the context of Development Planning
  • Use Self Evaluation tools to help identify strengths and areas for development – gather evidence
  • Prioritise areas for development
  • Plan for improvement - Action Planning
  • Implementation
  • Monitoring processes and evaluate progress/outcomes
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Clay Play

  • Introduction to real clay
  • Prepare for clay play, managing the experience, preserving and storing the clay
  • Examine adult role and interactions - supporting language, learning and development
  • Emphasis on process and not end product, particularly in relation to children’s creativity
  • Demonstrate clay skills & techniques
  • Consider progression in skills
  • Plan for creative experiences – thinking about stimulus
  • Document and make learning visible
  • Evaluate the learning and plan for the next stage
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Developing Art & Design through Play

  • Plan for progression in learning (Nursery to Key Stage One)
  • Engage in practical art experiences that encourage creative and critical thinking - introducing a range of skills
  • Make links to other areas of curriculum – planning for open-ended, creative opportunities that promote the development of physical skills, thinking skills, personal capabilities, numeracy, literacy and WAU through art and design
  • Evaluate learning
  • Consider how plenary sessions connect the learning
  • Documenting and making learning visible
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These programmes can be adapted and tailored to suit the specific requirements of individual settings.

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Advice & Support

Specific advice, support and mentoring in relation to early education and raising standards is commissioned by:

  • A wide range of services that govern early years settings
  • Individuals or organisations within the private, voluntary and statutory education sectors
  • Primary Schools, Nursery Schools and Pre-schools that wish to improve their practice and raise standards

For further information with regards to specific advice, support and mentoring please contact us


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