Believing in the power of
'Being with Children'


Reading Material

Reggio Inspired Practice

  • The Hundred Languages of Children , The Reggio Emilia Approach – Advanced Reflections, Second Edition, Ablex Publishing Corporation (1998)
  • The Hundred Languages of Children, Catalogue of the Exhibit , Second Edition, (1997)
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  • Rapunzel’s Supermarket: All about Young Children and their Art , Ursula Kolbe, second edition, Peppinot Press NSW, Australia (2007)
  • It’s not a bird yet: The drama of drawing , Ursula Kolbe, Peppinot Press NSW, Australia (2005)
  • Poking, Pinching & Pretending: Documenting Toddlers' Explorations with Clay , Smith & Goldhaber, 2004

Child Development

  • The Developing Child in the 21st Century , Sandra Smidt, (2006)
  • Understanding Child Development – Linking theory and practice , Jenny Lindon, (2005)
  • Threads of Thinking , Cathy Nutbrown, Third Edition, (2006)
  • Well Being and Involvement in Care , Ferre Laevers, Leuven University, Belgium (2005)
  • Seen & Heard: Children’s Rights in Early Childhood Education , Ellen Lynn Hall and Jennifer Kofkin Rudkin, 2010
  • "Again, Again!: Understanding Schemas in Young Children,  Sally Featherstone

Environment & Materials

  • Caring Spaces, Learning Places: Children's Environments That Work , Jim Greenman, (1988)
  • Designs for Living and Learning , Deb Curtis and Margie Carter, Redleaf Press, (2003)
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  • Building for Young Children , Mark Dudek, National Children’s Bureau (July 2001)
  • Loose Parts - Inspiring Play in Young Children,  Lisa Daly and Miriam Beloglovsky, (2015)

Outdoor Learning

  • Outdoor Play in the Early Years , H Bilton, second edition, David Fulton Publishers, (2002)
  • Outdoor Provision in the Early Years , edited by Jan White, Sage, 2011
  • Playing Outside , Helen Bilton, David Fulton Publishers, (2004)
  • Learning Outdoors in the Early Years , CCEA, ISBN 1 905093 79 9, (2005)
  • The Great Outdoors: Developing Children’s Learning through Outdoor Edgington , M. Early Education London, (2002)

Movement in the Early Years

  • Early Interventions in Movement , Christine Macintyre, (2002)
  • Exercising Muscles and Minds , M Ouvry, (2000)
  • Every child a mover , Jan White, (2015)


  • Involving Parents in Children’s Learning , Margy Whalley, Pen Green, (2007)


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