Results Day

Posted on 24th January 2019

Anxiety and anticipation builds as parents and children across NI await the results of the GL and AQE transfer tests this Saturday. As a parent myself, I have been there and remember it only too well.

Some Primary 7 children opted to take an academic test that will determine which post primary school they will transfer to. The down side is that some children will experience a sense of failure, if they don't get their desired result. Research shows that children develop at different stages and some will be more academically and emotionally ready to take this test.

My advice to parents dealing with disappointment on Saturday is to remember that children will develop and learn, and many will excel in different areas regardless of the outcome of this academic test. Children are resilient and do bounce back quickly from dissapointment.  We can support them by being calm and positive. The most important thing for parents to do is to support and strengthen their children's dispositions to go on learning throughout their life. #transfertest

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